What is AVOCADO Shopping?

AVOCADO Shopping is a mobile marketplace for same day delivery. Brands, Independent sellers or retail stores can create their virtual store fronts on the AVOCADO Shopping marketplace. Users within 25 miles radius of the store front location can find and order products for the same day home delivery. Listing your store on AVOCADO Shopping app is FREE.

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Why sell on AVOCADO Marketplace?


Gain new customers

Stores and brands see 2 to 10% increase in sales by offering same day delivery. AVOCADO is the fastest growing marketplace focused on enabling same day delivery for stores - be it grocery stores, liquor stores, pet stores, flower stores, gift shops, electronic stores, apparel stores etc. We provide same day delivery for up to 25 mile radius from your store letting you reach customers in
 new neighborhoods.

Easy Setup

We work with what you have and get your store and products online with no effort from you.  We have integrations with several POS systems that helps us automate the entire process.

AVOCADO Dashboard provides an easy management of virtual store front - you can change branding, product description and manage orders from the cloud based AVOCADO Dashboard.

Market your brand

Use your custom branding to gain mindshare with your customers. Let thousands of customers discover your brand and products. Beat e-commerce on delivery speed by offering Same Day Delivery.

More than 60% of online sales is now through smart-phones and increasing. With AVOCADO Shopping you can now enable smartphone ordering in minutes.

Thousands of Stores

It's no wonder thousands of merchants work with AVOCADO to power local deliveries. Tap into the nation's largest on-demand delivery network and start bringing your customers the products they love same day.



Stores Love Us

Close partnerships with our clients allows us to provide the best service. We’ve powered thousands of deliveries in more than 50 cities, partnering with thousands of local merchants to build their business.

The Key To Profitable local eCommerce


This industry report was written to meet the information needs of a wide range of supermarket executives. It’s equally applicable to the C-Suite executive at a regional chain or national supermarket as it is to the owner of a single location store.
We have compiled valuable information for retail stores and brands to evaluate their options in the same day delivery space, and formulate their strategies.