AVOCADO Shopping - Onboarding

We make it extremely simple for you to get your brand online and start offering same day pickup and delivery to your customers

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You will receive your dashboard login and your SAME DAY DELIVERY URL from AVOCADO Shopping team


After you register

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Go to http://dashboard.avocado.shopping

Login using your email and password provided by AVOCADO team. If you have not received your password email us at hello@avocadonext.com

On the dashboard

  • Modify item attributes - Hide/show items and Bulk changes

  • Configure delivery and pickup options

  • Change time to prepare order

  • Add locations and other options

  • See help pages on how to use AVOCADO Dashboard - https://help.avocadonext.com/stores

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market your store

We provide you all the tools you need to market your store to customers. Be it to show your store on Google, or sending email newsletters to millions of our users. We help you all the way to get you more customers to you.

  • AVOCADO team will provide you with your SAME DAY DELIVERY URL. Add the link for same day delivery to your website. See step by step guide here.

  • Let your email subscribers know that you have enabled same day delivery. Add a footer.

    Same Day Delivery now available. Click on SAME DAY DELIVERY URL to order and get same day delivery.


start receiving orders

Receive orders directly on the AVOCADO Shopping App. Shop for your orders. A delivery person will come and pick up the orders at the requested time.

  • Setup your shopper email and phone number to receive orders on the app - https://help.avocadonext.com/52823-how-to-use-avocado-store-dashboard/370544-add-a-shopper

  • Follow tutorial on how to shop for an order - https://help.avocadonext.com/52716-how-to-shop-for-an-order

Payment for the balance of your orders (net of AVOCADO Seller fees) is deposited into your paypal or bank account, and you receive notification by e-mail that your payment has been sent.